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Doctor Sparkles: My Story

Doctor Sparkles

Meet Doctor Sparkles... jester, mad scientist, champion of medical marijuana, story teller, prophet, rather suspicious fellow, no good drunk, mystical chicken, war protester, beach bum, Devil Cat, Santa's Elf, diabolical debt collector, spaceship landing sequence, inciter of zoo uprisings, Mexican tomcat, circus ringmaster, fantasy crooner, Multicolored Angel Bird, Mr. Gonad wannabe, Swinging Witch Doctor, Latin cornball, Ron Paul supporter, mushroom chorus, Hip Monkey, Mayan Calendar, New Age wise guy, Death playing a trombone and more... His attitude is tropically infectious, he plays the ukulele and he's really a doctor... or at least he calls himself one...

Honestly, no one seems really sure what Doctor Sparkles is a doctor of,
and speculation into his background seems to further mystify this
enigmatic kook of uke. Many have seen the giant diploma from Silly U.
which he uses as the main sail on his ship "The Imagination", but most
question whether they should take such certification seriously and/or
personally. Certain internet search engines link Doctor Sparkles with
Atlantis University, but it remains vague as to whether he attended there,
taught there or, indeed, whether such an institution ever existed. While his frequent use of Pleidean imagery have led to rumors of his involvement in some sort of planetary shift or other four dimensional nonsense. Recent impromptu appearances at a variety of medical cannabis rallies have led some to speculate that he is a hemp friendly physician. Whatever Doctor Sparkles' credentials may be, he sure is a wise guy.

Doctor Sparkles crooned onto the music scene in Spring 2006 with his debut album CD Sail Away, a prolonged musical fantasy vacation, which one reviewer called... "pseudo-psychedelic, island breezy, folky, Latin influenced ferris wheel ride for the child within." This hyper-creative appeal to the "child within" might well explain the mixed reaction to his recordings, ranging from "a sweet and light and happy spirituality tickling the canvas of the cosmic giggle" to "unnerving" as well as a certain hesitance venues and radio stations demonstrated in giving the music of this silly stick a chance. And then it could have been his red mad hatter's tophat and pimped out costume. Or perhaps just the name "Doctor Sparkles".

Despite reservations from the imaginatively conservative, Doctor Sparkles impressed members of grass roots musician-run organization Just Plain Folks, who voted Sail Away 2nd Runner-up for Best Cabaret Album and voted its title track Best Cabaret Song for its November 2006 awards show.

In 2007 Doctor Sparkles relocated to San Francisco where he began hosting a monthly ukulele cabaret - Jumping Flea Circus.

In 2008 Doctor Sparkles released his tribute to swing music (and to primates in general) Monkey Swing Monkey Doo, whose sounds have been likened to the music of "the Cherry Poppin' Daddies along with original swing masters such as Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Louis Prima, etc.", being called named "one of the best swing albums of the year". Said one Monkey Swing Monkey Doo reviewer of Doctor Sparkles,
"This ukulele-strumming shaman-trickster-guru is here to provide you with a cartoon roadmap of creative mindfulness...)" Monkey Swing Monkey Doo was nominated in 2008 by Just Plain Folks for "Best Cabaret Album" in 2008.

In 2009 Dr. Sparkles moved to the slopes of Hawaii's Kilauea Volcano, where he recorded his creative reactions to current events, thus producing his newest musical creation: Scary Country, now available in stores galaxy wide.

He is currently recording his 4th CD "Silouettes of Aloha", which will primarily consist of simple ukulele instrumentals and songs - all gentle portraits of aloha. What will a Doctor Sparkles album sould like without satire, potty humor or kazoos? You'll just have to wait and see...