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Doctor Sparkles: Links

30 Months to the Big 50
Kevin Patrick Baiko's silly running series

Spaces that Sparkle

Doctor Sparkles on YouTube
Check out these Doctor Sparkles music videos on YouTube. Most are from live public performances.
Doctor Sparkles on Twitter
Follow Doctor Sparkles on Twitter!
Jumping Flea Circus on YouTube
If you missed the live Circus Performance, you can still catch stand-out performances posted on YouTube!

Online Stores Carrying Doctor Sparkles

Jumping Flea Circus Gift Shoppe
The Official Online Store for Doctor Sparkles Merchandise. T-shirts, Mugs, Buttons, Bumperstickers, Songbooks and more!
CD Baby
Online CD store. Search from huge catalog, pay online with credit card, have cd's mailed to your home. Click here to Sail Away on CD baby.
Apple iTunes
Online Store for purchasing mp3 song downloads. Pick and chose individual songs or download entire album.

Where Doctor Sparkles can be heard

A website dedicated to ukulele artists, both beginners and pros. Features a weekly podcast entitled "Ukecast" with ukulele recordings.
Ukefarm Radio
Online streaming broadcast of ukulele music.
This is the independent project of Florin7. No advertising, no income, just promotion for talented, if lesser known, artists.

Contributing Musicians

Murl Allen Sanders website
Murl Allen Sanders is an amazing accordion player on the Seattle music scene. His expertise in zydeco is featured in the Scary Country song "Playing Music to the End of Time."
James Dower
Jim is an incredible keyboardist out of New York. Listen for his piano tracks throughout "Monkey Swing Monkey Doo". He also played organ in "Military Town Blues" on "Scary Country" album.
Ivana Salipur
Ivana Salipur (aka "Anavi") is an amazing vocalist. Presently based in the Chicago area, her world travels are reflected in her other-worldly voice. Listen for her vocals in "The Golden Age of Swing" and "Last Flight of the Multicolored Angel Bird".
Peter Di Bono
In a city steeped in a rich accordion tradition, Peter Di Bono is San Francisco's premier accordionist. Listen for his performance in "Devil Cat in a Concrete Jungle".
Russell Scarborough
Russell is an award winning jazz drummer out of Hampton Roads (Virginia). Listen for his drum tracks throughout "Monkey Swing Monkey Doo".
Darick Felter
AKA Aviator Bubbles, Darick Felter is one of the original Mystic Nomads. He has contributed his drumming talents to "Sail Away" "Monkey Swing Monkey Doo", "Scary Country" and many of the Mystic Nomads Covers.
Ron Subeh
AKA Sheik Tickles, Ron Subeh is The Arab Tickler and one of the original Mystic Nomads. You can hear his bass/tuba performances in "Sail Away" "Monkey Swing Monkey Doo" "Scary Country", as well as many Mystic Nomads covers.
Marc Senasac
Marc the fantastic San Francisco based sound engineer that mixed Monkey Swing Monkey Doo.
John Baldwin Music Website
John Baldwin is a magnificent guitarist on the Virginia Beach music scene and a very close friend of Doctor Sparkles. His talent is featured in three songs on the "Sail Away" CD (Rastaman Santa, Recreation & Butterfly). John was recently named "Best Blues Artist" by Portfolio Magazine (Norfolk, VA). He also appeared on Kevin Patrick Baiko's second CD, "Fool's Gold".
Bonnie Birch Music Website
Bonnie Birch is a talented accordion player on the Seattle music scene. Her expertise at Argentine tango is featured in the Sail Away song Tango Para Palomitas De Maiz (Pop De Popcorn).